Blogging Using the Rule of Three

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“Follow the ‘rule of three’,” advises Jessica Lawler in How to Get People to Read Your Blog. “When you create a piece of content, promote your new piece of content in at least three different places, at minimum, to make the writing worth your while and to ensure your content is actually being read.” Lawler mentions Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Shapchat as examples of places to post.

A different take on the “rule of three” comes from the laminated student guide “Writing Tips and Tricks”. “Ask yourself what you want the reader to know about your topic…Think of three details or three examples for each idea,” the guide advises.

In business blogging, I recommend a razor-sharp focus on just ONE story, one idea, or one aspect of a business, a practice, or an organization (other aspects can be addressed in later posts). But the “rule of three” still applies, in that you use three examples or three details that support the main idea of that blog post.

Yet a third interpretation of the “rule of three” comes from the speaking profession.  Public speaking maven Jim Endicott says that every oral presentation needs three elements to be effective:  the visual presentation, the content, and the delivery.  Translated into business blogging, that threesome would consist of:

  1. pictures and charts (the visual presentation of the blog
  2. the content itself (the facts and figures)
  3. the “voice”, the way the message comes across – first person vs. third-person reporting, humorous or serious, casual or formal

Each of those elements has the power to contribute to the effectiveness of the blog post or to take away from it.

You want your readers to remember what you’ve presented, and, as Presentation Magazine  reminds us, people tend to remember series of three things. Popular examples include:

  • blood, sweat and tears
  • faith, hope and charity
  • stop, look and listen
  • life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
  • government of the people, by the people, for the people

The Rule of Three, then, can be used by blog content writers in more than one way:

  • Promoting the blog
  • Composing the content
  • Using phrases with sets of three items
  • Designing the look of the posts

Blog to the Power of 3!



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