Business Blogging More Than a Matter of Facts

facts“While most organizations believe they must safeguard all data and treat it as an invaluable corporate asset, the truth is that data has no intrinsic value. Data isn’t an asset at all; the real value lies in the information behind the data,” writes Pedro Cardoso of Enterprise Apps Today.

Instead of focusing on “managing data”, Cardoso concludes, it important to look at what types of information will be game changers for the business and your customers. When you start leading with solutions that focus on delivering business value, something magical happens, he says. What any business wants is “a lineup of anxious customers who want some of ‘what that other customer is having’”.

Typically, websites are used to provide data – what products and services the company offers and in what “packages”, who the players are, in what geographical area the company operates, and (on the better sites), data pertaining to the owners and the history of the company. All this is valuable stuff from a searcher’s standpoint, to be sure.  The real value, though, just as Cardoso expresses, is in the information behind the data, which is the stuff that makes any enterprise stand out from its peers.

One excellent technique for departing from the facts, yet staying on topic is storytelling. When you get right down to, the information behind the data is best absorbed through emotion rather than through logic. One Oscar-winning producer liked to put it this say: “Hits are made in the heart, not the head.”

To harness the power of that emotional appeal and direct it towards the marketing strategy of a business or practice, there’s no better way to tell series of stories than the blog. The stories actually serve as calls to action for readers.

Business blogging is more than a matter of facts!


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