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02 Jan

Business Blogging May Not Take a Village, But it Does Take a Team

Even after playing together for more than fifty years (I learned from Steve & Jack’s Home News), the Rolling Stones musicians still understand the value of practicing together, committing to two months of rehearsal before every tour. Why? Practicing together helps them reconnect with each other’s rhythm and understand each member’s distinctive roles. Running a business blog takes commitment and teamwork as well. In fact, as we Say It For You blog content writers embark on […]

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03 Dec

Framing the Facts in Blog Marketing

For us business blog content writers, it’s important to remember that every choice of words we make involves framing. Our goal is positioning our story in a way that our audience can focus on and respect. Blog readers need to perceive a business owner or professional practitioner as an expert, I teach at Say It For You.  For that to happen, I believe, the blog needs to deliver more than information (facts, statistics, features, and […]

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