Using News Tidbits to Blog About Babies

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Earlier this week I used stories about Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, and Grandma Moses to  illustrate the way anecdotes and tidbits can serve as “triggers”. Blog posts targeted to senior consumers of products and services for the elderly, such as home healthcare agencies, senior residence facilities, and estate planning practices can use stories of seniors who accomplished great things. The same concept can be used effectively when it comes to expectant moms and newborns….

I recommend blog content writers include interesting tidbits of information in corporate marketing blogs. Why? To:

  • educate blog readers
  • debunk myths
  • showcase the business owners’ expertise
  • demonstrate business owners’ perspective

Two particular news items caught my eye just this week:

“72-year-old Mick Jagger expecting baby No. 8” (

“The World’s Oldest Known Seabird Is Expecting – Again” (

Just think of the many business and practices that want to market products and services centered around newborns. Either of these two stories could serve as a “trigger” or jumping-off-point for blog posts about baby products, baby care, baby health, even animal health. Who might use this material as good blog marketing fodder? For starters….

  • meal delivery for new parents
  • professional baby care nurses
  • exercise facilities for new moms
  • insurance agents
  • baby clothing stores and websites
  • car seat  and stroller retailers

Aiming for the more creative? The Mick Jagger story (Jagger’s girlfriend is 29)) might be used in a blog for a matchmaking company or a marriage counseling service, while the seabird story could be the jumping off point for a discussion of best bird pets.

Blog writers need never run out of ideas if they keep a file of interesting tidbits of general information on hand.  And blogging about babies – that will never grow old!







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