People Who Don’t Even Like You Are Reading

Microphone on standLearning that someone had posted a negative remark about him on social media, WIBC radio talk show host Tony Katz quipped, “People who don’t even like me are listening!”

Now, there’s an observation we blog content writers would do well to keep in mind.  Granted, Katz is “out there” in terms of his content, and you may think your content, by comparison, is tasteful and non-offensive.  Truth is, anybody who’s posting content on social media is putting themselves and their business “out there” – (isn’t that the point?).

Online entrepreneur Mike Filsaime coined the moniker “cowboys”, referring to people in online forums who don’t like something you’ve posted and make it a personal mission of theirs to attack you in public forms, negative comments, or blogs.

“As your blog becomes more popular,” writes Yaro Starak in, you’ll receive more comments. Some people are going to be negative, argumentative, or not agree with what you’ve written in your blog, Starak warns. There are four possible ways to respond, he says. You could:

  • delete the comment
  • censor it by deleting parts
  • respond in anger

The best course of action, Starak advises, is to use negative comments to demonstrate your own credibility, using a calm, “your-side-of-the-story”, response.

Editor Esther Schindler, writing in Forbes, agrees. Treat the commenter with respect, she advises. Acknowledge the point he makes, then point to the data that led to your differing conclusion. “Always keep the discussion about the subject of the article, not the people.”

In fact, I remind newbie business bloggers, one of the special things about blogs is that they’re available not only for reading, but for acting and interacting.  Good blogs invite readers to post comments and encourage them to subscribe to your blog.

Marketing online begins with attracting eyeballs to our content. It’s a good sign, as Tony Katz reminded us through his on-air quip, when people who don’t even like us are reading our blogs!

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